The co-ed league is a chance for my wife and I to get out, exercise and have fun playing a sport we love. It is a laid back, relaxed and fun atmosphere. All the fun without the headaches and drama some leagues tend to have...the best way to describe it is Timbits hockey for adults! :) On top of this, the chance to rile up Craig with some good old fashioned Leafs talk is an opportunity that cannot be missed! - Jason

Fueled by an educational energy, this league combines all of the qualities a beginner hockey player is seeking- enthusiasum, respect, encouragement and (most importantly) fun!! My most favorite league so far. Cheers Craig!! - Wendy S

I wanted to say thanks for all the years of great hockey. I've really enjoyed the league and your instruction along the way. I've been there since the beginning and in my opinion it's gotten better every year. Thanks Again - B. Robb

I'm looking forward to upcoming season. By the way, wanted to say thanks for organizing this league - I've played here for past 2 yrs and it really is a great low-key game. Sometimes being the organizer is a thank-less job but just so you know - I appreciate you running this thing - J.S

Warren Hockey has simply made me enjoy the game again"- D. Spotwood

Regretfully, I could not attend all the games I wanted to this year, (the job had a tendency to interfere) but thoroughly enjoyed all I played in. This is an awesome league, the game is played fairly and with great sportsmanship by all. It allows someone with my limited hockey experience to enjoy playing the greatest game on the planet! Keep up the great work and please keep me on your email list for the Monday night intermediate league in the fall. Warren Hockey rules! - John K

"Warren Hockey has provided the opportunity for me to learn how to play the game in a fun, uncompetitive environment.- J. Birkby

The co-ed league gives me a chance to do two things I love most: Spending time with my wife and playing hockey. The teams are well balanced and self policing. In the 3 years we have been playing, I have never worried that my wife or I would get hurt. Thanks for putting this league together and growing it each year. - M. Drury

It's fun low pressure Hockey. Craig keeps things well regulated - if you're a hot head, you are gone. Also being an experienced coach Craig gives out great tips to improve your game for new players like myself."- R.Schafer

New to playing or if it's been a while? This is your league! Once your in, you'll stay for the people and the fun competition!- GBH

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